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Embrace the beauty within you at Mamati. Let us pamper you with treatments designed to celebrate your unique radiance

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Unveil your inner glow with Mamati's nurturing touch

Step into a world where beauty meets self-love

Explore Our Services
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Each tailored experience, from exquisite hair styling to meticulous nail care, is a celebration of your unique elegance

Embark on a journey of refined beauty with Mamati

Discover Our Services
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Escape to Mamati, where tranquility whispers and beauty blossoms

Reconnect with yourself in a sanctuary made for you

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Excellence in Every Touch

At Mamati, our team is the heartbeat of luxury and sophistication. Committed to crafting unparalleled beauty experiences, each member brings a unique blend of talent, passion, and expertise to our salon

Master Stylists

Our master stylists are renowned for their precision and artistry in hair design

Nail Artisans

Our nail artisans are maestros of meticulous detail, creating stunning nail artistry that captivates and inspires

Skincare Specialists

Our skincare specialists are devoted to revealing your skin's radiant beauty through personalized treatments and expert care


Our makeup maestros are masters of transformation, using their expertise to accentuate your features and unveil your inner glamour

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Get ready to be mesmerized! Our gallery is a stunning showcase beauty and luxury, filled with captivating images of our salon's

Escape to Mamati

where tranquility whispers and beauty blossoms. Reconnect with yourself in a sanctuary made for you

New Arrivals

Mamati  Freshener Oud & Roses  250 ML combined with the exotic oud and floral fantasy of fresh roses. The smell stays for a long period ..
180.00 AED
Mamati Oud Perfect Mamati Oud Perfect
New Best Sellers
Mamati Oud Perfect for burning during meditation, relaxation, or to create a calming atmosphere.Crafted from the finest oud wood, known for its rich a..
390.00 AED
NATURAL OUDFrom the magical nature of Indonesia, from the mountains of Kalimantan, we brought and gathered the Oud to be presented to you as the natur..
2,400.00 AED
3ML Mamati Musk oil possesses a remarkable ability to adapt and blend with an individual's natural body chemistry, creating a personalized a..
380.00 AED
Mamati Oil Oud 3ml  An incredible blend of oud, rose & sandalwood, with stunning notes that .will captivate you forever...
470.00 AED
Mamati Gold the top notes are grapefruit, lavender & artemisia, the heart accentuates masculinity with leather accords combined with tobacco and s..
390.00 AED