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A world full of beauty
In the world of beauty, we are your canvas, and every service is a brushstroke of perfection.

Welcome to Mamaty.

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Unlock Your Beauty Potential

At Mamati, we don't just offer services; we craft experiences.

Our team of experts is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, leaving you feeling confident and radiant.

From hair styling to nail care, facial treatments to body pampering, and more, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to your unique needs.

The Art of Beauty


We had a different perception of beauty, a perception that led us to
believe that beauty must start with humans.

And because women are the most beautiful creatures on Earth, we decided to enhance their beauty even further.

This is what led us to create "Mamati Beauty Salon."

New Arrivals

Mamati  Freshener Oud & Roses Mamati  Freshener Oud & Roses
New Best Sellers
Mamati  Freshener Oud & Roses  250 ML combined with the exotic oud and floral fantasy of fresh roses. The smell stays for a long period ..
180.00 AED
Mamati Oud Perfect for burning during meditation, relaxation, or to create a calming atmosphere.Crafted from the finest oud wood, known for its rich a..
390.00 AED
NATURAL OUDFrom the magical nature of Indonesia, from the mountains of Kalimantan, we brought and gathered the Oud to be presented to you as the natur..
2,400.00 AED
3ML Mamati Musk oil possesses a remarkable ability to adapt and blend with an individual's natural body chemistry, creating a personalized a..
150.00 AED
Mamati Oil Oud 3ml  An incredible blend of oud, rose & sandalwood, with stunning notes that .will captivate you forever...
250.00 AED
Mamati Gold the top notes are grapefruit, lavender & artemisia, the heart accentuates masculinity with leather accords combined with tobacco and s..
390.00 AED