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Each tailored experience, from exquisite hair styling to meticulous nail care, is a celebration of your unique elegance

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About us

Mamati Beauty Salon, located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, is not just a salon; it's a sanctuary of elegance and tranquility that has been setting the standard in beauty care for over five years. Embrace the essence of luxury the moment you step into our beautifully appointed space, designed to transport you into a world of opulence and pampered care.

Our salon's environment is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and soothing aesthetics, creating a peaceful haven that promises relaxation and rejuvenation. Each corner of Mamati is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that your time with us is more than just an appointment – it's a holistic experience for the senses.

Our extensive range of beauty treatments covers every aspect of personal care, from innovative hair styling and vibrant coloring to expert makeup application, advanced skincare solutions, kids services, and indulgent spa therapies. Our team of seasoned professionals, each a master in their respective field, uses only the finest products and techniques to ensure you receive the best service possible.

At Mamati Beauty Salon, we understand that each client is unique. We take the time to consult with you, understanding your preferences and needs, to provide a tailor-made experience that exceeds your expectations. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion, seeking a complete makeover, or simply treating yourself to a day of luxury, our team is dedicated to making you look and feel your absolute best.

Join us at Mamati Beauty Salon for an unparalleled beauty journey, where excellence is not just a goal, but our standard. Rediscover yourself in the embrace of our expert care and leave feeling refreshed, radiant, and renewed.