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Kids Services
Discover Kid-Friendly Fun at Mamati
Welcome to Mamati's Kids Corner, where little ones are treated to a world of playful pampering and delightful experiences.
Step into our enchanted space and let us pamper your precious ones with a range of kid-friendly services designed to spark joy, foster creativity, and make memories that last a lifetime. From whimsical hairdos to mini makeovers, get ready to experience the ultimate in kids' salon fun.

Magical Moments : What Sets Mamati Apart At Mamati, we're dedicated to making every visit a magical experience for your little stars. Here's why our kids' services stand out from the rest

Kid-Friendly Environment : Our salon is designed with kids in mind, with vibrant colors, playful decor, and a welcoming atmosphere that instantly puts little ones at ease. From the moment they walk through our doors, they'll be greeted with smiles and laughter, setting the stage for a fun-filled adventure.

Expert Care : Our skilled stylists and technicians are experienced in working with children of all ages, ensuring a safe, gentle, and enjoyable experience for your little ones. Whether they're getting their first haircut or indulging in a mini makeover, our team will make sure they feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way.

Creative Services : From whimsical hair styling to mini manicures, our kids' services are designed to spark imagination and creativity. Whether they're channeling their inner princess with a fancy updo or unleashing their inner artist with colorful nail polish, we'll help them express themselves and have fun in the process.

Explore Our Kids' Services : From Hair to Nails Ready to treat your little ones to a day of pampering and play? Discover our range of kids' services, each designed to make them feel special and cherished. From adorable haircuts to magical makeovers, our offerings promise to create unforgettable memories and smiles that last a lifetime.

Ready to Make Memories ? Experience the joy of kids' salon fun at Mammti and create magical moments with your little stars. Book their appointment today and let our team of experts make their dreams come true with a day of pampering and play.

Kids Cut & File (Hands or Feet)15.00
Kids Basic Manicure35.00
Kids Basic Pedicure35.00
Kids Fake Nail with Regular Color120.00
Kids Nail Art10.00
Kids Polish-Hands15.00
Kids Polish-Feet15.00

Kids Fringe Cut35.00
Kids Full Hair Cut (New look)60.0090.00120.00
Kids Hair Natural Treatment (Starting)60.0090.00120.00
Kids Hair Oil (Roots)80.00
Kids Hair Trim60.00
Kids Hair Wash + Dry (normal only)50.00
Kids Hair Wavy60.0080.00100.00
Kids Hairstyle80.00120.00160.00
Kids Wash + Blowdry80.00100.00120.00
Kids Blowdry50.0060.0070.00

Hand Henna (outside)40.00
Half Hand (outside)60.00
Hand Elbow Henna (outside)80.00
Hand Henna (both side)50.00
Half Hand (both side)70.00
Hand Elbow Henna (both side)100.00
Feet Henna
Half Leg Henna

Aquatherm Facial250.00
Global Lift Facial500.00
Power C Facial390.00
Power Hyluronic400.00
Power Oxygen350.00
Power Retinol400.00
Pro Peel Facial420.00

Deep Tissue Massage - (60/90mins)270/320
Back Massage (30 mins)130.00
Cupping Therapy (60mins)350.00
Feet Massage (30 mins)90.00
Head Massage (30 mins)90.00
Head, Shoulder, Neck (40mins)150.00
Hot Stone Massage (60/90mins)290/340
Pregnancy Prenatal (60mins)330.00
Relaxing Massage (60 mins)250.00
Thai Massage (60/90 min)290/340

Brazilian Butt Lifting Massage
Cellulite Treatment
Lpg Eye Puffyness Treatment
LPG Add On (30 mins)
LPG Face Lifting
LPG Full Body
LPG Targeted Areas-Arms
LPG Targeted Areas-Back
LPG Targeted Areas-Buttocks
LPG Targeted Areas-Calves
LPG Targeted Areas-Stomach
LPG Targeted Areas-Thighs
LPG-Lip Contouring
Lymphatic Massage
Madero Body & Face
Mederotherapy- Body

Eyebrow Threading with Style one by one color140.00
Eyebrow Color One by One100.00
Eyebrow Color50.00
Eyebrow Shaving40.00
Eyebrows Threading55.00
Eyebrow Shaving + Eyebrow Design Full Color90.00
Eyebrow Shaving + Eyebrow Color w Style One by One120.00
Eyebrow Lamination220.00
Eyebrow Lamination w/ Color240.00

Upperlip threading25.00
Chin threading30.00
Eyebrows threading55.00
Sides threading45.00
Neck threading45.00
Full Face threading80.00
Full Face with Eyebrows threading110.00
Full Face Shaving with Eyebrows70.00
Full Face Shaving without Eyebrows60.00
Eyebrow Shaving40.00

Eyebrow Bleaching45.00
Face & Neck Bleaching75.00
Face Bleaching50.00
Full Back Bleaching85.00
Full Body Bleach260.00
Full Face + Eyebrows85.00
Full Face Bleaching45.00
Full Arm Bleaching70.00
Leg Bleaching95.00
Half Leg70.00

Eyelash Extensions Natural Classic350.00
Eyelash Extensions Natural Classic Side Eye200.00
Eyelash Natural Extension Highbreed/5D400.00
Eyelash Russian Full Set/Doll-Eye Volume450.00
Eyelash Kim K Style/Mega Volume500.00
Eyelash Refill/Touch-up (not more than 3 weeks)250.00
Eyelash Removal80.00
Eyelash Lifting w Color290.00
Eyelash Lifting w/out color250.00
One Day Lashes (One by One)150.00
One Strip Lashes50.00

Eye Make-Up200.00
Daily Make Up400.00
Evening Make Up550.00
Mamati Bridal Make-up2000.00

Moroccan Bath w/ Lifa250.00
Morrocan Bath Special w/ Lifa500.00
Moroccan Bath Royal w/ Lifa700.00
Bride Moroccan Bath w/ Lifa1300.00
Turkish Bath250.00
Turkish Bath Special500.00
Salt Cave330.00
Delka Special400.00
Delka Royal600.00

Hand Henna (outside)60.00
Half Hand (outside)150.00
Hand Elbow Henna (outside)200.00
Hand Henna (both side)70.00
Half Hand (both side)200.00
Hand Elbow Henna (both side)300.00
Feet Henna
Half Leg Henna
Bridal Henna (shoulder to knees)

Bikini Line Waxing50.00
Brazilian Waxing80.00
Chest Waxing55.00
Chin Waxing30.00
Eyebrows Waxing40.00
Fingers Waxing20.00
Full Arms Waxing80.00
Full Back Waxing80.00
Full Body Waxing310.00
Full Face Waxing75.00
Full Leg Waxing110.00
Half Arm Waxing50.00
Half Back Waxing50.00
Half Leg Waxing80.00
Jawline Waxing35.00
Nose Waxing20.00
Stomach Waxing80.00
Toes Waxing20.00
Tummy Line Waxing40.00
Underarm Waxing40.00
Upper Lip Waxing30.00
Bare as you dare100.00


Change Polish-Hands30.00
Change Polish-Feet30.00
Express Nail Art (Per Nail)10 to 50
Regular French Polish (hands or feet)40.00
Full Set Classic Nail Art120.00
Gel French Polish (hands or feet)110.00
Gel Nail Art (per nail)20.00
Gel Ombre (hands or feet)100.00
Gel Polish (hands or feet)80.00
Normal Polish Removal15 to 30
Acrylic Removal90.00
Fake Nail (per nail)20.00
Fake Nail Removal50.00
Gel Polish Removal (hands or feet)40.00
In-grown Removal (per nail)45.00
Nail Cut and File (hands or feet)30.00
Nail Repair (hands or feet)30.00

Acrygel Refill220.00
Acrygel Extension350 to 380
Acrygel/Acrylic per nail45.00
Acrygel/Acrylic Removal90.00
Acrylic/Plexigel Extension320.00
Acrylic/Plexigel Refill200.00
Acrylic Ombre380.00
Fake Nails w/ Classic Color250.00
Fake Nails w/ Gel Color270.00

Callus Treatment90.00
Callus Treatment Pedicure150.00
Cucumber Heel Therapy Organic90.00
Footlogix Treatment130.00
Footlogix Treatment Pedicure200.00
Lavender and Mint Treatment (hands or feet)90.00
Paraffin Treatment-Feet120.00
Paraffin Treatment-Hands110.00
Tropical Island Treatment (hands or feet)90.00
Vanilla and Marshmallow-(hands or feet)90.00

Cut & Restyle (new look) ANY LENGTH
Short - Medium - Long - X-Long
Fringe Cut
Short - Medium - Long - X-Long
Hair Trim
Short - Medium - Long - X-Long
Machine Cut
Short - Medium - Long - X-Long

Wash and Dry60.0075.0090.00105.00
Blowdry and Wash100.00115.00150.00170.00
Hair Ironing (Any Length)50.0070.0090.00110.00

Mamati Bride Hair Style (Any length)800.001200.001600.002000.00
Creative Updo250.00300.00400.00500.00
Curly Hair Style200.00300.00350.00450.00
Wavy Hair Style130.00150.00200.00250.00
African Hair Braids(Any Length)250.00300.00350.00400.00
Simple Hair Braids (Any Length)50.00

Hair Extension Color150.00
Hair Extension (remove, clean, application per piece)30.00
Hair Extension (clean and application per piece)20.00
Hair Extension (Remove and put new glue/clean per piece)10.00

Root Color (Any Length)200.00
Full Color300.00450.00600.00800.00
Hair Highlights490.00520.00590.00
Rinsage (Any Length)350.00
Hair Henna250.00

Root Color (Any Length)300.00
Full Color500.00650.00850.001000.00

Ombre Balayage700.001000.001600.002000.00

Milk Shake Integrity Treatment250.00300.00400.00450.00
Moremo Intense Hair Treatment200.00230.00260.00290.00
Olaplex Hair Treatment240.00280.00310.00360.00
Natural Hair Treatment130.00150.00170.00220.00
Natural Scalp Scrub Treatment150.00
Mamati Hair Oil Treatment (roots)170.00
Synergicare Treatment for Dandruff250.00

Roots Treatment (Any Length)500.00
Full Hair Treatment1000.001400.001800.002200.00

BB Crème Roots Treatment (Any Length)500.00
BB Crème Full Hair Treatment500.00700.00900.001100.00


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